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Who we are

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Our vision is to be recognised as the voice of people who cycle or want to cycle in Stonnington, advocating for safe and accessible infrastructure. 


We aim to significantly increase the number of people cycling in Stonnington. We believe that people need to feel safe before they cycle, and that we need better bicycle infrastructure on routes people want to travel. 

We want


Safe and direct cycling routes to be established on all strategic cycling corridors by 2024. These corridors include Chapel St, Malvern Rd, Tooronga Rd, Glenferrie Rd, Orrong Romanis Park to Como Park. 


Stonnington Council to establish baselines and set quantitative targets for number of people on bicycles on key routes by October 2022. Council to track and report performance against these targets.


Stonnington Council to commit to spending cycling budget on initiatives where there is evidence showing they will increase the number of people cycling. 

In 2022 we will

We have


Hold four cycling social events each year. We will encourage elected representatives and other community stakeholders to join these events.

Held two social rides so far, and hope to run these every two months.


Prepare a petition of what we want (see above), and have this endorsed by five Stonnington councillors, two members of parliament, 200 residents, 20 local businesses and 5 local schools. This goal to be met by October 2022.

Prepared a petition of our wants, which has been signed by 220 people. 


Engage with the Stonnington cycling community and raise their concerns with Council.

Stonnington BUG has 393 members, with 24 posts in the last month (7/5/22). Presented two questions to Council.


Continue to engage with key stakeholders, including elected representatives, police, couriers, people with disabilities, other community groups, neighbouring bicycle user groups and VicRoads. 

Held meetings with two Councillors, Rotary Club and VicRoads. Attended two meetings of Melbourne BUGs.


Publish a voter guide for every local, state and federal election, based on candidates' commitments and their track record on cycling advocacy.

Hope to prepare a voting guide for the May 2022 Federal election. 

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